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    Travelling in Italy (by Andy)

    Date: 2018-11-08 12:34:05

    Milan, Italy, the world-famous fashion capital, design capital, leading the trend of the front. Once upon a time I was deeply attracted by the charm of this country. At the thought of this place, it is the high-end brand show and ingenious design ideas. Now we finally have a chance to have a close contact with it.

    PART 1:

    On September 12, we flew from Guangzhou to Beijing and made the transfer. After a dozen hours' flight, we finally arrived in the early morning with a glimmer of sunshine in the sky. The sight of the majestic Alps could not conceal the joy of the heart, and the weariness of the journey disappeared.

    We finally arrived at Marbensa Airport at 7 a.m. on the 13rd. My female colleague was actually very tired, and wants to have a sleep but BOSS said do not sleep, otherwise we cannot sleep at night time, jet lag does not come over... Ha. Finally we came to Italy's landmark----Milan Cathedral, It’s about 15 minutes walking time from the hotel. This church with a long history of more than 500 years is worthy of one of the five churches in the world, majestic and magnificent. Even Napoleon was crowned here in 1805.

    “Long ancient road, countless years of anger and sorrow”. This ancient city has not experienced much wind and rain’s baptism, but still exudes the charm of the old European city, vicissitudes of life but with the modern combination of harmonious. I particularly like this feeling, especially some of the old churches that were remained, each time the church bells ring as if to record that every moment has become a history, but also reminds me of a new concept English text < Thirteen equals one >. That church's clock was broken, he he..

    Through the streets and alleys, saw the neon lights. Milan is still bright at night. For sure we would have a good meal for dinner. The Italian diet is not as bad as I thought. Rather, with exquisite PIZZA and Italian steak with red wine, everything is so pleasant. Although only the first day, but I like the environment and the pace of life. It may also be the freshness of the environment took me into that feeling.

    PART 2:

    The second day my beautiful colleague Yolanda arranged a trip to the Lake of Como, which is a glacial lake in the Alps. It is Italy's famous scenic spots and leisure resorts. Less than half an hour's train ride from downtown of Milan. This gives everyone plenty of time to enjoy the natural scenery.

    The surrounding town in the morning was very quiet, fresh air and a lot of green, with the sound of pigeons and wild gulls, the deep feeling of leisure and tranquility. Just sit down and light a cigarette, look beyond the Alps, All my mood and feeling was released , the clear lake seems to present that this is a clear heart stay, such as the few pure moment in my life, unforgettable.

    PART 3:

    Venice, when I was a child watching TV has known the city. There has been a question of how it was built in the sea. Now I had an answer to the mystery, it is the city submerged by the sea. Ha. .. I can imagine what it looked like hundreds of years ago, as a very important commercial art town from the 13 century to the end of the 17 century. Perhaps it also did not think out that it is so famous the world by this.

    What impressed me deeply was that this sighing bridge, It connected the Government House to the Venice Prison, and it is the only way for the court to escort the prisoners to the prison, It named by the last sigh of the beautiful Venice that the prisoner looked through the window. It is said that lovers kissing under the bridge at sunset and their love can last forever. I also specially checked the information, this legend in the movie "Sunset Bridge" was interpreted, can be said to be very romantic. But I don't quite understand why this romance is associated with prison inmates? He he, In any case, wish all lovers stay in love and forever.

    The fourth day we came to Milan exhibition, It opened our work mode, with our boss’s arrangement. We viewed the whole exhibition in one day, we have different harvest, also learned a lot of experience. This is my first visit to Milan. Through the communication with exhibitors and visits. The most feeling was Italian rigorous attitude and a different understanding of fashion. Even under the deteriorating global trading environment, they remain confident and optimistic.

    In addition to the exhibition, we also visited the local market of fast fashion brand stores. ZARA, MANGO, GUESS, PARFOIS, etc., From quality and style to understand the terminal needs of the guests in the stores. As one of the ZARA suppliers, I was thinking about from the production line to the market sales during the moment I entered the store, we need to focus on which parts of correction and improvement. Understand competitors' strengths and weaknesses, and then provide a better service for the brand.

    THE END:

    The good times are always short, there have been a lot of gains in these seven days, also with some unpleasant episodes, but in the end we all had to say goodbye to Milan and it was an unforgettable journey. Beautiful things and scenery not only reflected in the camera, but more deeply impressed in the heart too. Thank you very much to boos who arranged this trip to Italy, so I learned a lot during the trip, Also need to thanks our beautiful girl Yolanda. Thank you for your hard work on this.

    Say goodbye is for the better reunion, let us look forward to the next encounter.

    Good bye, Milano!