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    Travelling in Italy (by Andy)

    Milan, Italy, the world-famous fashion capital, design capital, leading the trend of the front. Once upon a time I was deeply attracted by the charm of this country. At the thought of this place, it i...

    详细 >>时间:2018-08-11

    Trip to France

    Paris, France is a city full of ancient architecture but combined with fashion. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in this trip to France during my work. This time we went...

    详细 >>时间:2018-08-11

    Trip to Germany (by Katie)

    In the mid-night of Aug. 31, 2018 Beijing time, our team total 4 people started our trip to Germany. I cannot figure out how many times I have been to Germany, but all were in cold winter, e...

    详细 >>时间:2018-08-11

    The new office is put into service

     After three months of remodeling, the new office for marketing department was put into service on July 9, 2018.  The style of new office is mainly pure and simple with some bright colo...

    详细 >>时间:2018-26-07

    The experience of my first business trip in Gemany

    It is great to have this opportunity to visit my customer's company in Germany, and let me know more about the procedures of their warehouse operation.In Germany, every city is very beautiful and the ...

    详细 >>时间:2018-19-06

    Happy time in this Autumn!

    Sept 21-22, all commercial department staffs spent a great time in Huizhou, Guangdong province. Everyone was impressed by ovely landscapes and pleasurable activities.During th...

    详细 >>时间:2017-27-09